Improvise with the unseen, live the unexpected.

Multimedia project created by Jorge Esquivelzeta and Harriet Payer Anderss in March-April of the year 2011, consisting of video, sound-art, synthesis, visual and musical improvisation, and non-linear composition.

This whole set of elements are the basis for a space created around a digital carousel, that merges all the above mentioned in the space of 18 minutes and is used as a performance over an architectural space or proposed as an installation/performance which also, allows the viewer in a controlled way, to improvise with sounds on this basis already made, influencing the visual side of this project in real time through a keyboard and or a microphone.

Carousel works on the set time of appearance of each of the above-mentioned elements, therefore each of them having a different interval of silence and exposure, as a result this will always keep this system oscillation turning with a continuous range of colours, textures, combinations in unique ways and almost without repetition at any time.

It must be said that this project is an interpretation of the oscillating back and forth experiences in different timings that exist in all of us as a society and as humans every day and at all times.

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