MINIATUREN (Creative Essence)

  for Frida Kahlo

By Jaap (Harriet Payer Anderss / Jorge Esquivelzeta ) guest musicians Iraida Noriega, Alex Otaola


Multimedia Project based on 4 disciplines music, video, photo and poetry, which give shape to this avant-garde project, based on developing creative essence during a Performance – Installation that gives new life and a different point of view on the life and work of Frida Kahlo, using for this purpose materials of her own authorship in sound, photo, and video, materials that were obtained within the framework of contemporary and urban Mexico today, but precisely in places that were likewise a fundamental part of the life of this transcendental Mexican artist.

Likewise, images from Frida Kahlo’s diary, scanned and worked at high resolution, are also used for reference purposes, but transforming them as well, under the identity of the project as described below.

To develop the fourth discipline, poetry, only Frida Kahlo’s diary is used, using it as the main axis of this work, in a unique and never superficial way, displacing all this so-called creative essence as a bed or curtain so that the poetry or writing of Kahlo highlights the character, feelings, determination, sensitivity and work of one of the greatest Mexican artists in the world, not only of her time but of this and any other.

The development of the project, authored by Jaap, a Mexican-German multimedia group, acts on this occasion as a quartet, with artists so diverse and original that, due to their trajectory and proposal, they make this project something unique in our country and in the world, combining the talent collectively and seeking never to star but to develop, the aforementioned essence, which temporarily serves as a veil for one of the artistic bastions of Mexico and the world, the Casa Azul, emblematic home of Frida Kahlo in Coyoacán.

These four artists are:

Harriet Payer Anderss, Video / Photography

Iraida Noriega, Voice / Poetry in motion

Alex Otaola, Guitar / Effects

Jorge Esquivelzeta, Synthesis / sequences / processes.

The ensemble works as a creative and avant-garde tribute, using state-of-the-art technology and with an approach almost like an artistic intervention, but it is worth repeating, never starring in or superimposing this proposal, if the term is allowed, on the life and work of Frida Kahlo, hence her name, creative essence.

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